Obama as Hercules

No one understood the power of the coin for getting a political message across like the Ancient Greeks. 

Their coinage was circulated throughout the ancient world to honor everything from victories, events, and patron deities, to nature.

It was indeed the perfect way to let it be known 'who did what and where'.

Magnificent display of artistic skill unsurpassed to this day!

In keeping with this tradition an American expat from Chicago, who now lives in Greece, prepared a fitting tribute to Barack Obama.

She has immortalized his 'unique' nomination for U.S. President in the form of this 'unique' coin that's lovingly dubbed: the 'Baracko'.

Stories about this fabulous coin have appeared in the media. The Baracko is often referred to as the 'Obama as Hercules' coin, the 'Yes We Can' coin, and the '
Baracko Commemorative Coin'. All in one!!
The Baracko coin shows the bold, beautiful profile
of Obama decked out in the lion headdress of the legendary ancient Greek hero, Hercules.

Here we see Hercules wrestling with the ferocious Nemean lion that he choked to death with his bare hands!. That's why he is usually portrayed wearing the skin of the lion's fearful gasping jaws as a headdress. It symbolize his invulnerability, courage and success in winning against all odds.

Legend has it that the mystic surrounding this incredible headdress was not lost on other great ancients, notably Alexander the Great.

Obama is facing a lot of obstacles and challenges
on his way to the White House. To triumph, he
will need the skills, talents and invincibility of a mighty Hercules to emerge as the undefeated champion.

Fortunately, when it comes to winning, Obama, like Hercules, is quite successful at overcoming his foes when they least expect him to emerge victorious.

Obama as Hercules!! What a theme for a stylish handcrafted coin. The coin’s designer, Ann Martin-Papazoglou, is a bench jeweler. She produces the Baracko as coins and medallions, in gold, silver or copper.

Although the coin honors Obama’s nomination, it is also intended as a symbolic cultural outreach gesture from the Expats for Obama and Biden in Greece to all those who support Obama not only in Greece, but at home in the U.S. and abroad.

Barack Obama is no stranger to Greek culture. He is well aware of the contributions of Greek Americans in making America great. As a U.S. Senator, Obama staunchly supported the Greek-American community on the vital issues facing Greece.

Additionally, Obama appreciates the priceless, unique heritage passed down by the ancients to the Western world throughout the ages. Click the image for more.

The flipside of the Baracko features the caption: 'Barack Obama, US Presidential Candidate 2008'.

Emblazoned along the rim is the 'Yes We Can' motto in five languages: English, Spanish, Greek, German and French in recognition of Obama's sweeping support from well wishers.

This rallying campaign cry is circling the globe. It is plain for all to see and hear how it is capturing the hearts and imagination of Obama's Latino followers.

All that excitement doesn't stop in America. Check below for what's going on abroad.

That Obama has a large following outside the U.S.
is no exaggeration. Democrats Abroad sponsored rallies at world-famous bridges to show support for Obama and his pledge to span old political divisions.

Over six million Americans live, work and study abroad and we are uniting as never before to support Obama for president. To fully appreciate the scope of what's happening worldwide, view this Obama Bridge Project video.

Wasn't that impressive? The images, the music, the spontaneity! Think about it for one brief moment!!

Groups of Americans and local fans of Obama gathered at bridges on 5 continents and 36 foreign countries on the same day just to show their enthusiasm for Obama as 'The Bridge to a New Future'. Awesome!!

Well, it is this kind of fervor, spirit and passion that will stay with us, 'We the People' who believe that Obama will succeed in finding new ways to get on with the work that needs to be done to bring nations and people closer together.

With our support and the 'symbolic' backing of Hercules, Barack will continue to defy the odds and emerge victorious as our president, 'The People’s President'.

Roarific!! We can do this!! Let's get out there, shout, everybody! Roar!!! Help make some noise! Wake up those sleepers; spread Barack's political, social and economic message! Let’s do more than put some cracks in a glass ceiling.

Let’s bring down the house. Let’s stand together to elect Barack Obama the next President of the United States of America.

Enrich your life with this commemorative coin that combines an extraordinary historical event with the stuff of legends.

Moreover, the Baracko is extra special. It is the only coin in the market that specifically immortalizes Senator Obama's remarkable achievement. In 2008, he became the first African American to secure the U.S. Democratic Party's nomination for President.

Barackos are more than just souvenirs or pretty keepsakes. The coin and the medallion are collector's items. We produced a limited release backed with a certificate.

And just like the Ancient Greek coins before them, the Baracko will be passed down from generation to generation keeping this defining moment in our history alive for decades to come.